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With your help, we can make positive change here in our own community and elsewhere. Join us!

Organizer's Handbook

Version 1.1 September 20, 2020
Dear Reader,

Thank you for working in your communities to liberate our relationships with consciousness-healing plants and fungi. We at the DN National Board offer our resources and any support we can so you may be successful in educating your communities and transforming the awareness about these powerful entheogenic allies. Our role is to be present and available to support local efforts, and to steward the values and principles that underlie the core essence of the movement to decriminalize nature: Love, and its offspring’s Compassion, Justice, and Cooperation.

This Handbook may be a great tool and guide for you, but when building a people-led movement, nothing can replace the experience of engaging in face-to-face discourse and engagement. So, please reach out once you’ve read the materials so we can discuss strategy, tactics, and goals together.

On June 4th, 2019, more than 150 people showed up to tell their stories to the Oakland City Council about healing with these plant and fungi allies. Those who spoke fell into four camps: the Iboga/Ibogaine camp, the Ayahuasca/DMT camp, the psilocybin mushroom camp, and the mescaline cacti camp. Each person spoke about personal healing experiences that transpired as he or she engaged in symbiotic relationships with specific plant or fungi allies. At the same time, everyone was aware that he or she belonged to the same village: Nature. Everyone there, including the elected officials, seemed to recognize that a new movement was upon us -- a movement to heal our relationship with nature and each other through partnership with these entheogens.

We stand at a historical crossroad, a key transition point in our relationship with nature and each other. Our entheogenic allies enable us to heal, understand, and mature our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the planet that birthed us and to which we belong.

Join us in spreading awareness of these entheogenic plants and fungi. Join the movement to decriminalize our relationship with nature so we may shift the balance to rebuild a more cooperative, just, and caring world.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you soon, Decriminalize Nature National Board...
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Version 1.1 | September 2020


Version 1.1 | September 2020

DN Graphics packet:

1. The wave of psychedelic legalization is inevitable in the US, driven by an overwhelming number of scientific studies demonstrating their benefits for health and wellness.

2. The choice by leaders will determine if legalization occurs in a way that allows equitable access for all people, or only those who can afford expensive clinical treatments.

3. The choice by leaders will determine if we strengthen our connection with nature at this critical moment, or continue to deconstruct this relationship, legalizing one compound at a time.

Decriminalize Nature is a registered California non-profit 501(c)4 organization. We rely heavily on the generous contributions of our supporters to continue our work in three major areas:

1. Advocating for safe, equitable access to entheogen and modalities for marginalized individuals and communities;

2. Hosting educational events in support of safe, sustainable, and informed use of entheogen;

3. Assisting other cities across the country in their efforts to Decriminalize Nature. 
With your help, we can make positive change here in our own community and elsewhere. Join us!

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