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Support the movement to decriminalize our relationship with nature so we may shift the balance to rebuild a more cooperative, just, and caring world.

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Making a monthly gift means providing a steady and consistent source of income to Decriminalize Nature, giving our movement the means to support its priority projects. It also helps you better plan your commitment. Becoming a monthly donor means you’ll join a highly mobilized community, whose strength is indeed in their numbers!

Large or small, every donation is a step toward healing our roots. By supporting Decriminalize Nature, you’ll be contributing to a growing movement that can transform lives. Because change is born of commitment, be a part of Decriminalize Nature’s vision of the future: give now for an expansive tomorrow.

We stand at a historical crossroad, a key transition point in our relationship with nature and each other. Our entheogenic allies enable us to heal, understand, and mature our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the planet that birthed us. Join us in spreading awareness of these entheogenic plants and fungi. Support the movement to decriminalize our relationship with nature so we may shift the balance to rebuild a more cooperative, just, and caring world.


How your donation impacts our movement:

Destigmatizes through Education

We are working to dismantle over 50 years of misinformation following the Controlled Substances Act. Since Decriminalize Nature began, more people are discussing the benefits of entheogenic plants and fungi than ever before. Through this educational model, 45 city council members voted to decriminalize. Many of whom pointed to our educational campaign as key to their decision.

Highlights Nature

We are Nature. Decriminalize Nature is the only policy organization advocating natural entheogenic plants and fungi, encouraging local grow-gather-gift models, and seeking to protect community-based practice. While science, technology, and industrialization have expanded our capacity, they have also disconnected us from nature. A reminder of our connection to Nature is critical in the midst of our environmental crisis. Our choices and actions at this critical moment will determine if we strengthen our connection with nature now and for future generations.

Empowers Local Communities 

Decriminalize Nature provides open-access to tools, resources, templates, and individual support to local communities. A movement survives and thrives by encouraging and enabling leadership to emerge in all geographic areas. A key strategy of DN is to support local leaders to become regional leaders and national leaders. We believe in a decentralized, community-based, and bottom-up approach. This model is having success across the US.

Advocates for Equitable Access

Protect the sacred by ensuring equitable access for all people and approaches by Decriminalizing Nature. DN believes all decriminalization and legalization measures must not prohibit personal growing, use, and trade outside of regulatory frameworks to ensure all are included.

Supports Direct Democracy

The Decriminalize Nature movement is a peoples’ movement that encourages participation in local government. Change is possible when we recognize that City Council Members and Legislatures are members of the community as well. We seek to build alliances with our elected officials to safeguard our communities' needs.

Challenges the Status Quo

Decriminalize Nature’s ethos challenges the approach of top-down hierarchy and tax and regulation models for natural entheogenic plants and fungi. Sadly, there is an increasing rush by big pharma to try and patent and monopolize these approaches. Help DN succeed at building a new grassroots, community-based model of abundance that we can all participate in together.

Restores Our Roots

Decriminalize Nature emphasizes our sacred and ancient connection to Nature, yet this ancient connection is often dismissed within mainstream pharmaceutical or venture capital models. People have been working with plants and fungi for hundreds if not thousands of years. The one thing that connects all of us is our ancestors strong and rich relationship with Nature. Support Decriminalize Nature and help us restore our roots.

Nourishes a Growing Movement

The Decriminalize Nature approach has now passed in six cities and one county and contributed to legislation in CA and MI with many more to come. Currently, over 42 cities have local DN teams actively engaging in education and outreach or contacting their City/County elected officials. It is amazing how quickly this movement has spread. Contribute today and nourish the roots of this growing movement.

Annual fundraising goal

1. Staffing (Bookkeeping, website administration, national outreach, and policy advisor)
2. Digital Organizing Platform (CRM)
3. Fees and Services (Payroll taxes, Zoom account, legal filings, compliance) 
4. Travel expenses and Supporting local efforts


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